Monday, February 2, 2009


In a less cynical world, James Cameron's romantic epic would need no defences, yet its extraordinary popularity doomed it to underrated status.

A rare and unique cinematic experience, Titanic remains a haunting spectacle of young and selfless love, the kind we all dream about but seldom get in life, made timeless by technological doom.

Winner of 11 Oscar awards including Best Film and the world's highest grossing movie of all time at 1.86 billion US dollars in Box Office ticket sales.


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Hilath said...

I saw "Titanic" six times when it was shown in Olympus Theater in Male' in April 1998.

Thanks to our local comedian and actor Yoosuf Rafeeu (Yoosay) for undertaking that great effort to have the real celluloid film brought and shown to a Maldivian film-loving audience.

To be truly appreciated, "Titanic" has to be seen on the big screen in a proper cinema.