Friday, September 19, 2008

"Phoenix": does it really fly?

Forgot to mention that along with "Pirates 3", I had started watching a 2-disc version of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". After reading that "Phoenix" is the second highest grossing of the "Potter" films after "Sorcerer's Stone", I had high hopes.
But it took me more than a week to finish off the film. Once again should I blame my moody-ness for the fact that I took so long in finishing off "Phoenix"?
It seemed well-directed and quite adult-ish I have to admit.
But so far my best "Potter" book and also my best "Potter" film is "Prizoner of Azkaban".
Though Phoenix had a lot of magic in it too, "Azkaban" was more magical I have to say. Perhaps it's the golden touch of Mexican art film director Alfonso Cuaron ("Y Tu Mama Tambien") that was responsible for "Azkaban" to be truly artistic and magical.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pirates 3: Adventure-ful but...

Finally watched an original 2-Disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
But I have to admit it took me more than 10 days to finish watching the more than 2-hour film. Don't know what's wrong. Perhaps it's because of Ramadan and my biological clock has been upset.
Or perhaps Pirates 3 is not engaging or interesting enough.
But I still like the idea of fantasy crossed with legend, fiction and of course adventure. So in that sense, I guess I can say the movie was enjoyable, especially the climactic fight with all those visual effects.
Next in line for me to watch is another Johnny Depp movie "Sweeney Todd." Hope the experience will be better.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A disturbing thing about Brad Pitt

I was watching "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" yesterday and there was this scene where the husband and wife engages in a violent confrontation and immediately after that, violent sex. Now I have read about Angelina Jolie's unusual life and perceptions and attitudes but what disturbed me about that scene was, we see Brad Pitt standing and possibly kicking Jolie in the stomach or the back (though Jolie's view is hidden because of a sofa in the foreground). As far as I understand, this kind of kicking the body is usually done by people who are in an almost insane violent rage, with no care if his victim is killed. I have seen scenes like this on the streets of Male' and believe me, such a scene cannot be used even for its style or entertainment value. And I was shocked that Pitt, who is now touring the world as a humanist (with films like "Babel" which has humanist themes), had agreed to be shown unleashing violence of this nature against a person, not to mention the opposite sex. I am not sure about you people but my analytical mind tells me that Pitt has a very violent streak in him which is unconsciously surfacing in his "creative" works.