Sunday, June 29, 2014

I couldn’t stop smiling, nor the tears from falling

by Amira 

Kai Po Che (meaning a triumphant yell in Gujarati) is simply beautiful, down to earth and beautiful, sensational and beautiful, bringing lots of stories together and beautiful. Read more

Comics, sci-fi, fantasy... childish stuff?

by Hilath

I have quite a few friends who are turned off by comics, science fiction and fantasy. Though I am not a hardcore comic fan (my family was too poor to afford me such luxury during my childhood), I've always enjoyed it and always make sure, even if I miss out the "serious artsy stuff", that I always catch up on movies like Spider-Man, Ender's Game and Lord of the Rings.

Today I finally had a talk with a Maldivian friend of mine who I can safely assume is a hardcore comic fan and from the conversation I had with him, I realized that, in fact, these anti-comic people are really the not-so-mature ones because things like parables/allegories/metaphors seem lost on them and therefore they treat the comic genre as childish. Read more