Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A psychological re-awakening


The unfilmable finally filmed. You can count on only auteurs like Oscar-winning director Ang Lee to make a film out of a book that most say cannot be turned into a movie!

Not only because of the film's awesome photography and production design (which both won Oscars) which I have to say is the best visuals I ever saw since James Cameron's Avatar (and not just because of its 3D which unfortunately I was not able to catch because Sri Lankan cinemas did not screen it), I loved how the visuals become complementary to the narrative. Read more

Interesting introduction to astral projection...


INSIDIOUS was an interesting introduction to the concept of astral projection but predictably, perhaps because the film is coming from the makers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and SAW, they took the part of the horror factor to entertain audiences. Not that I mind. The tagline 'It's not the house that is haunted but their son' is quite catchy, I might add, which first led me to decide to watch the movie because I am not much into horror movies but here was a film that at least do not blame an old house for a haunting :-) I particularly like the production design - the gloomy environment of the demon world. I am told INSIDIOUS 2 is also quite interesting and hope to catch it soon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

What exactly it takes to get there


The story of the legendary athlete, ‘Milkha Singh’, ‘the flying Sikh’, demonstrated in the movie ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ can just be perfect example of what it takes to become success in life. More particularly for this addition of my blog, what it really takes to be an industry leader in business. Read more

So it snowed


The visually elaborate SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, in re-telling the story, seems to have lost more than its way in the woods, as towards the end, I am not sure exactly by the kiss of which one of the two men she woke up and whether, with Kristen Stewart around, we are headed once again towards another TWILIGHT love triangle.

Saving grace


CONAN THE (latest) BARBARIAN film had only one grace: the scene where little Conan holds onto the iron hot chains to save his father even when his hands get scalded -- without even seeming to feel the pain. I once spent 10 days at the hospital looking after a close friend all by myself and it was only later I realized that I hadn't slept at all during those 10 days and didn't even realize it because I didn't feel tired at all. That's why I think such kind of emotional attachments (love?) are dangerous because they take its toll on us without us even being able to realize it -- or worse, rather than being appreciated, taken the wrong meaning of just because I happen to be what I am. So how did the story end? He relapsed again and accused me that I was only taking care of him because all I ever wanted was to get into his pants somehow. So unfair. I hope I never fall in love again.