Friday, February 14, 2014

Saving grace


CONAN THE (latest) BARBARIAN film had only one grace: the scene where little Conan holds onto the iron hot chains to save his father even when his hands get scalded -- without even seeming to feel the pain. I once spent 10 days at the hospital looking after a close friend all by myself and it was only later I realized that I hadn't slept at all during those 10 days and didn't even realize it because I didn't feel tired at all. That's why I think such kind of emotional attachments (love?) are dangerous because they take its toll on us without us even being able to realize it -- or worse, rather than being appreciated, taken the wrong meaning of just because I happen to be what I am. So how did the story end? He relapsed again and accused me that I was only taking care of him because all I ever wanted was to get into his pants somehow. So unfair. I hope I never fall in love again.

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