Friday, September 19, 2008

"Phoenix": does it really fly?

Forgot to mention that along with "Pirates 3", I had started watching a 2-disc version of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". After reading that "Phoenix" is the second highest grossing of the "Potter" films after "Sorcerer's Stone", I had high hopes.
But it took me more than a week to finish off the film. Once again should I blame my moody-ness for the fact that I took so long in finishing off "Phoenix"?
It seemed well-directed and quite adult-ish I have to admit.
But so far my best "Potter" book and also my best "Potter" film is "Prizoner of Azkaban".
Though Phoenix had a lot of magic in it too, "Azkaban" was more magical I have to say. Perhaps it's the golden touch of Mexican art film director Alfonso Cuaron ("Y Tu Mama Tambien") that was responsible for "Azkaban" to be truly artistic and magical.


de Irresistible said...

the book is always 100 times better than the movie... but it depends on your vivid imagination... potter or Lord of the Ring, or any... i prefer the book with my imagination over the movie... the movie is for the lazy!!!

Fali said...

potter books went downhill from azkaban.
as for the movies, they are alright i guess, if you havent read the books. If you HAVE read them then, as with MOST book adaptations into film, you'll have lots to find fault with.