Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pirates 3: Adventure-ful but...

Finally watched an original 2-Disc version of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
But I have to admit it took me more than 10 days to finish watching the more than 2-hour film. Don't know what's wrong. Perhaps it's because of Ramadan and my biological clock has been upset.
Or perhaps Pirates 3 is not engaging or interesting enough.
But I still like the idea of fantasy crossed with legend, fiction and of course adventure. So in that sense, I guess I can say the movie was enjoyable, especially the climactic fight with all those visual effects.
Next in line for me to watch is another Johnny Depp movie "Sweeney Todd." Hope the experience will be better.

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V for Vandetta said...

I love 'P.O.C 3 - At World's End', especially because the titles' "at world's end" literally meant it. It's an average movie which I rated as 7/10.
Sweeny Todd on the other hand, is a nice drama/musical, which I didn't like much because of all the 'Music'. I would give it a fair 6.5/10