Monday, February 2, 2009

The English Patient

"The heart knows no boundaries. In memory, love lives forever." Tragic, but true. A theme I have always been obsessed with for my whole life. Words cannot describe the sorrowful rendition of this haunting theme in one of the best love stories ever told on the big screen.

Winner of 9 Oscar awards including Best Film and based on the Booker Prize winning book by Sri Lankan-Canadian-Netherlands author Michael Ondaatje, author of Atonement, the film of which was nominated last year for the Best Film Oscar.


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Hilath said...

I also greatly recommend everyone to read the book. It reads like poetry and when you start reading it, it's as if you are taken into another whole dimension, a truly magical world. This is the only book that had that kind of effect on me, and ever since I have believed in the literal magic of the written word.