Sunday, February 1, 2009

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Whatever faults lay with the animation of the characters in failing to make them look realistically human, it more than made up from the wonderful art direction which made this film to have one of the most haunting atmospheres in any film I have ever seen.

I loved the pace of the film, the sound effects, and the way the film was carried.

And like that moment when Jack and Rose "flew" on the bow of the Titanic, the scene where Aki and her Ben-Affleck-like ex-lover, floating in zero gravity, kissed near the window of the spaceship with the dark sky and glittering stars in the background to a soft haunting music is one of the most enduring romantic moments I have ever seen on the big screen.

The film's mood of impending doom juxtaposed with hope stirs the kind of fantastic emotions that only a movie of this nature can offer.


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