Saturday, June 20, 2009

Angels and Demons

Review by Hassan Ziyau (Student of Mass Communication)

... as I watched the movie, I realized that Catholics from around the globe consider Pope resident in the Vatican City as their leader. Pope is the Bishop of Rome and as such is the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church (that is, all Latin Rite and Eastern Rite churches which are in full communion with the Roman Pontiff). The Pope is also head of state of Vatican City. Popes focus almost exclusively on spiritual matters.

While the movie rolled, thoughts evolved through my mind! For a second I thought what would it be like to have a Muslim leader or authority that commands and guides the whole Muslim world towards the true teachings of Islam? To settle our differences and unite us in one thinking! What would it be like to depend on him for the religious problems that we face? What would it be like to treat him as Leader of Muslims who will protect the religion and who will talk on behalf of about 1.3-1.5 billion people, roughly one-fifth of the world population? Not just on behalf of one’s own country or political thinking... Read the full review from Hassan Ziyau's blog

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