Monday, September 3, 2007

“Lost” season 2 – an allegory to current human conditions

Have you read about the story where someone spent the whole of his/her life in a cave but did not even have a clue that the outside was more beautiful because he/she was afraid of venturing out into the unknown?
Lost season 2 is something like that. If you don’t want spoilers ahead, then don’t read after this line though I am not going into specific details. I would just like to raise two key allegorical points which captured my interest:
1) The fact that we humans will continue to do something for how long it takes as far as we have a notion or belief that we have to do that thing for our survival, even though there is no evidence or proof to support that notion. This factor is reflected in the button-pushing in the hatch.

2) The fact that a human being who has been subject to suffering all his life and grows old this way will have no human sympathy or empathy for the younger protégés and will not stop at making your protégé suffer the same just because you grew old suffering that way and you feel that anybody else do not deserve to live happily when you had wasted your own life. This factor emerges when the guy is kept in the dark and goes on pushing the button for three years, at the end of which the elder guy plans to leave the younger guy behind even though he will be left pushing the button forever.
I think this particular mentality is very much evident in our parents’ and grandparents’ generation.
One of my friends told me that during the heyday in the hippy 1970s his mother wore short skirts that would have put the Pussycat Dolls to shame and used to hang out at the “Ice ge” (our local pub and disco in Male’ at the time of former President Ibrahim Nasir’s liberal and secular era, damn Gayoom), but that she has now worn the buruga and joined the Adaalath Party and now doesn’t want him to have fun.
He says that though he is 18 years of age, his parents have refused to give him a private room in his home because his parents feel that they will go to hell if he has sex outside marriage because they provided him the opportunity (the room) to commit extra-marital sex in the first place!
How hypocritical can that be. After enjoying all the pleasures they could, his parents do not want him to enjoy the same. It’s like how most extremists’ minds work: if you are miserable, then all others must remain miserable, too.
Some of my friends say that “Lost” season 1 is better because the “picking up the pieces” and “coping with the situation” was more interesting than season 2 which concentrates on the mysteries surrounding all aspects of life on the island.
I can see their point. I am not sure which season is my favorite but am very much looking forward to season 3 but Hursheed has already warned me there’s a dragging love story part in the middle of season 3 before the pace picks up again towards the end.

- Hilath


moyameehaa said...

point 1 is verry true. 2 is also true.. the example u gave is also true.. but the example is nothing but jealousy... i mean.. in 'lost' it is like he suffered all the time and he wants others to suffer now.. in the example it is like she enjoyed all the time but is suffering now...what she is doing is worse than what he did.. she ate the fruit and is not letting others eat.. the button pushing guy couldnt eat it so he dont want others to eat.different story.. but kinda related though.

and yes.. i also think season 2 is no good compared to 1 and 3.1 is the best.

and one more thing about that example... the old guys used to be very free.. they ate opium,smoked banana skin with atharu and other stuff on gudgudaa..they had open sex in valuthere,thundi and every where in the islands.. ate the fullest when they had teeth.but later on started to trap the kids.. they rebelled and did it ...again it is repeated. but now parents are getting more understanding i guess.

shaari said...

yep, the button is the most significant plot point of season 2 & raises big questions of trust & loyalty. is desmond tellin the truth when he says the world will come to an end if the button is not pushed every 108 mins? does anyone have the courage to test it? what if nothing really happens even if you dont & you realise human gullibility, and vulnerability in the fight for survival? anywayz like everyone else i loved season 1 but since season 2 somewhat let me down i havent got round to watching 3 yet!

AzMyst said...

One thing about Lost... no matter how bad or boring it gets it always picks up near the end and I for one can't wait to see what happens in the next season. I heard that Season 4 will have flashbacks and er... flashes of the future (flashfronts?!!)... sounds interesting... and confusing, as most things in Lost are.